This page was last edited on 8 January 2021, at 01:15. This guide shows and talks about the Legendary Enhanced Feline, but you can use it for your Normal Game playthrough as well. Vulkk 41,245 views. Feline Witcher gear is a light-weight gear that mainly boosts your stamina regeneration and attack power. So now I have a legendary set going and all of my original's saved in my stash. Go back to the big room where you killed the Golem and unlock the giant wooden door. There are three Feline armor sets in total: Basic and Enhanced, Superior and Mastercrafted. Just enter, go down the stairs and find the shiny chest where the Legendary Feline steel sword diagram is hidden. A thing that i'd recommend is coding in the Schematics (diagrams) for the armor. If your win rate is 60%, then your loss rate is 0.40 in this formula. Underneath what appears to be a blend of suede and leather is an impenetrable layer of chainmail protecting Geralt’s neck, arms, and chest. Since top stats pips are received regardless of win or loss, focusing on acquiring a top stats pip during every PvP game is a reliable method of increasing your rate of pip acquisition, regardless of PvP skill level. Enhanced Cat Armor Statistics There is a small difference between enhanced and basic version of Feline set. How to get all Witcher 3 Feline gear - also known as the Witcher 3 Cat gear - to get the Feline Sword and Feline Armor, including Enhanced, Superior, Mastercrafted and Grandmaster Feline … Jun 13, 2015 @ 8:56pm Just go to the guy in Oxenfurt. This is Light Armor gear for lvl 69 (accurate for Patch 1.22) or higher. Mastercrafted Feline Armor, Gautlets, Trousers and Boots There’s a coastal cave in a gulf south of Trottheim, also on Faroe. Complete guide to the Legendary FELINE Witcher Armor Set (Cat School) - all diagram locations, crafting, stats, appearance. The studded belt and chest armor add a bit of bling to our favorite Butcher of Blaviken. Schematics for the armor can be found to the south of Lindenvale. Name Code; Gryphon Pants 3: Keep in mind that in order to craft each upgrade level, you need the previous tier set, so you’ll have to craft all the way up from normal to … Legendary Manticore . Turn back, head down the stairs and take the right corridor turn until you reach a round room with statues. Jul 18, 2016 @ 2:41am Originally posted by Gaping Dragon Killer: how about you play the game instead of cheating to get the best armor in the game instead Superior Legendary Feline armor is a witcher armor and part of the Cat School gear in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Each piece of PvP legendary armor requires the following: 20  (sold by Ascended Armor League Vendor), 100  (sold by Ascended Armor League Vendor), 400  (sold by Ascended Armor League Vendor), 1,000  (sold by Ascended Armor League Vendor). D = Your top stats rate. The first diagram is in the basement of the Drahim Castle Ruins in Central Velen. Legendary Manticore . I know Wolf school items are available in their legendary form, but I cannot guess at the item codes for the rest. Armor is any item that can be equipped or worn on your character's body, including boots, pants, gloves and chest plates. Learn how to craft the base items for your Shadowlands legendary gear including exact amounts of professions reagents, how to apply legendary powers and missives to customize your item at the Runecarver, and how to upgrade your legendary with Soul Ash. When you play NG+, you will have your existing armor on from the previous playthrough, but there are 4 "new" stages of armor (legendary, legendary enhanced, legendary superior, and legendary mastercrafted). All Witcher 3 Item Codes. Additionally, it is possible to swap out any slotted upgrade component (runes and infusions) that has been placed in them at no cost (swapped out items are returned to your inventory). Armor (light armor), legendary (requires attunement) This black leather armor has realistic looking cat ears on the attached black leather hood. The final Legendary Feline silver sword diagram is in a hole under the round. You’ll have to fight a bunch of level 13 sirens in front of the cave. Here are the basic components: A base armor item which you will transform into a Legendary item … There are some earth elementals wandering around and they are on a … 16:09. This list may not reflect recent changes (). Jump to: navigation, search. Grandmaster Ursine Chest Armor (Levity) & Trousers Grandmaster Feline Boots & Gloves This set combination gives the ff. The map to start it was available for a cheap price on the Blacksmith vendor in Blackough. For more information, check the video linked in the beginning of the article. Read on for information about this armor's components, how to craft and upgrade it, and other properties. To upgrade your Feline set to Grandmaster, you’ll need to obtain the six armor and weapon diagrams, which are scattered throughout the Toussaint zone. Below is a searchable list of 4231 item codes from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt on Steam (PC / Mac). It is needed to craft Enhanced Legendary Feline armor. This is the longest part of the quest and probably the trickiest. When you enter, just go straight ahead – when you pass the intersection, you’ll see a stone pillar. WITCHER 3 Legendary FELINE Armor Set Guide | NG+, Cat School Gear ‍ - Duration: 16:09. You can find the map for the Basic and Enhanced Feline armor set at either the merchant or blacksmith in Blackbough. Feline Griffin Ursine Wolven Manticore Viper. Upon entering, you will have to face and kill a lvl 66 Golem guardian. It is needed to craft Superior Legendary Feline armor. Legendary armor was implemented with Living World Season 3 Episode 5 " Flashpoint " on May 2nd, 2017, with the Perfected Envoy armor sets made available for acquisition. This armor set is most suited for players who like to dish out the most damage with fast attacks and be as mobile as possible. Melee combat is Geralt's specialty according to the lore, so it's no wonder why he makes such great use of the Feline armor. Enhanced version has the same stats as the basic Cat gear, with a very small increase between 1% and 5%, and +10% attack power on Feline armor item. See also [edit | edit source] Feline armor; Enhanced Feline armor; Superior Feline armor; Mastercrafted Feline armor; Grandmaster Feline armor; Enhanced legendary Feline armor; Superior legendary Feline armor These diagrams represent the armor and weapons of a legendary witcher named Kiyan.In the guide bellow we show you their exact locations, materials needed for crafting and stats. Who crafts feline armor? It can also provide high protection against enemy's close-ranged attacks. Grandmaster Legendary Feline (Cat) Grandmaster Legendary Ursine (Bear) Grandmaster Legendary Griffin. South-west to Novigrad in the waters you will find the wreck of the “Flying Steg” ship. Last edited by KoalafiedKiller; Jun 5, 2016 @ 1:12pm #11. If you get a top stats reward in 75% of games, this number is 0.75. The quest can be started by simply obtaining one of the diagrams. Grandmaster Legendary Feline Armor Set. E = Your near victory rate. There are no enemies around (except for a couple of lvl 59 bandits, perhaps). Grandmaster Legendary Wolven. How to Spawn Items with Codes. To spawn an item, hit the ~ key to bring up the console, and enter this code: . Here is a detailed description on how to find the diagrams. Shadowlands Legendary Armor has a special Maw themed appearance. A Wraith might spawn after the first statue is turned. Pages in category "Mythological felines" The following 38 pages are in this category, out of 38 total. The Feline armor set is ideal for sword combat. With the season cap of 100 , this will take 3 seasons of reaching the season cap. Enhanced Cat Armor Statistics There is a small difference between enhanced and basic version of Feline set. In this guide I will show you all of the cheats you can possibly do in the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt console. It gets rid of the annoying look around the entire map 30 times to find the diagrams thing and it lets you get the armor a bit more legit, giving you some extra hours in the game, and making sure you're even ready to have the armor. ... the Manticore set is on-par with the other grandmaster sets stat-wise and is available as legendary witcher armor in new game plus with a new visual. Each piece of Perfected Envoy armor requires the following: 250  + 250  + 250  (sold by Whispers Keeper). This armor retains the visual look of the Triumphant Hero's armor or Mistforged Triumphant Hero's armor. You don't need the prior original master crafted Griffin Armor to make it either, and I thought you were going to need it, but I guess not. Superior Feline Armor. Kill it and loot it to obtain the Legendary Feline trousers, Legendary Feline gauntlets, Legendary Feline boots and Legendary Feline armor diagrams along with the Laboratory notebook with instructions on how to find the last item from the set.