Learn the tips and steps for tender pulled pork on your smoker. We served it, yes, with our favorite coleslaw, some mac 'n cheese, and hot sauce. Our key was experimentation, and that is what we want to encourage here for the perfect smoked pulled pork. Best Pellet Grill – MAK Two Star General – Versatile American Made Pellet Smoker. I wonder, because I keep thinking about the smoke permeating your house, if your grill is one of those that has electric burners on it? What would you recommend to do in this situation? My 10lb shoulder hit 190F internal temp after 9 hours @225F, when I was allotting for at least 13 hours. Once the pork shoulder has reached its target temperature of 195°F (91°C), it's time to yank it off the pit. He also discusses making a mop sauce and whether or not you need it. HOW TO SMOKE PORK SHOULDER. Does holding the pork for an extended time at an internal temp of 180-190F make the pork more likely to dry out/become tough? Probably with half the neighborhood clamoring at your backyard gate. Part 2 covers the preparation of your pork shoulder. "Pork butt" refers to a specific cut of pork taken from the upper portion of a pig's shoulder. Think I’ll be investing in one of the blue tooth thermometers tho. It may be hours and only moves 5 – 6 degrees. The stall is represented when you see very little movement in the internal temperature of the pork shoulder. If so, you could use that as your stovetop to escape the smoke. Your pork butt should be ready to wrap approximately eight hours into the cook time. Thanks, Chef Jerry! We prefer mustard. Amazing rub! With pork shoulder or butt, the marbling is important to a long cook where you essentially are rendering all the fat out throughout the cook, in order to get moisture into the meat. No need to put in the oven after. Often they have them and you can trim them yourself. Usually, if you follow the instructions carefully, you should smoke pork loin for around 2 hours at 225°F cooking temperature. 1. Place pork shoulder in the smoker and toss 4-6 wood chunks onto the hot coals. After three to four hours of smoke, you spray with this spritz every 30 minutes until you wrap. Cup one hand along the side of the pork and use it to catch the rub and press it evenly onto the meat. At this point, you should briefly remove the meat from the smoker and place it inside an aluminum baking pan. Check the internal temperature every hour, and when the internal temp hits 200+, pull it from the smoker. How long does it take to smoke a pork shoulder at 225? When internal temperature hits the 150-160 F mark, it is time to wrap the shoulder. The center remained stable at 190F for another 2 hours, and then pulled apart beautifully! As the meat sweats from the cells, it cools the meat down again. A pork shoulder should always be cooked to 200 to 210 and all of that tough stuff will melt and dissolve leaving you with some really awesome pulled pork. When the smoker or grill is the ideal temperature range, you are ready to smoke, place the picnic shoulder onto the hot grate over the drip pan, fat side up, toss a hand full of … Marbling is rendering out while cooking and becoming liquid awesome flavor. Smoked pork butt is commonly used for shredded pork, but you can also serve it in slices. Although it still looked plenty juicy I got nervous and foil wrapped it at 7.5 hours with a tiny bit of apple juice. I hope that helps! We used hickory wood in the smoker. ***Pork butts come in a variety of sizes and weights. How to season a pork shoulder. The recipe is a favorite of our testers, and your addition of the apple-juice wrap is genius. 10 to 14 hours is a pretty broad time frame. We use equal parts apple cider vinegar and apple juice or water to get moisture and flavor into the interior of the meat. https://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/smoked-pork-shoulder-recipe I used the rub, wrapped, and refrigerated for 8 hrs. Great question, Gary. Smoked Pork Shoulder Recipe © 2014 Jennifer Hill Booker. Fill the pan up with about half an inch of the water and apple juice solution you were spraying it with, then cover the top tightly with aluminum foil before returning it to the heat. The … They will be purple or red, those should come off too as the texture is not pleasant if you leave them on. And if you drizzle it with vinegar barbecue sauce, it's really over the top. That way you'll know exactly when it's done enough to shred. So this adds a lot of smoke flavor as the smoke connects with the spritz. I will definitely be doing more this summer. Just like when smoking meat, the brine times will heavily depend on the size of the pork shoulder cut, but in most cases, a standard 8lb sized pork shoulder will require 8 to 24 hours of brining. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. This takes way less work. How to Smoke a Pork Butt. Do you prefer info delivered in a neat, easy-to-digest (pun intended) form? Once the pork shoulder reaches 192 internal, unwrap it and apply the glaze. How to cook a pork shoulder. Add 1/4 cup of apple cider vinegar or your favorite barbecue sauce and then cover with foil. But again, keep in mind, ventilation is huge here. Rub the spice mixture thoroughly over the pork shoulder. Remove from smoker (leave wrapped). Kristine, so glad it worked out!! We keep our smoker around 225-250 degrees Fahrenheit. But any way you look at it, adding an injection or brine adds superior moisture and allows you to infuse specific flavor. I’m adding that clarification to the recipe now. Butchers Tip – When buying pork shoulder, if you see the word “Roast” be sure it is not Pork Loin. I shoot to maintain my smoker temperature at 225 degrees F and can typically plan about 2 hours of cook time per pound of pork. This may require several additions of water-soaked wood to keep the smoke going. Pat pork shoulder dry with paper towels. Renee, my husband would not know how to use an electric burner! Smoke this whole pork shoulder at 225-230 degrees. oh one more funny, after so many fights with overdone meat on the grill, we barely grill anymore, We sous vide, and then sear for a minute or two!! It is likely there will be some cartilage or other fatty pieces, be sure to pull those out (it’s not a good texture). Kimberly, smoke your shoulder at 225 degrees. Use about 1/4 cup of the rub and store the remainder in a mason jar for up to six months. Cook for about 8 hours until the internal temperature of the meat reaches 200°F on an instant read thermometer. When the temperature of the smoker has reached a constant 225°F (105°C), place the pork shoulder, fatty side up, on the rack. We only recommend products we think are totally worthy of your love and investment! Will be doing this again for sure ;). A good smoked pork butt can be used for proper BBQ pulled pork, or you can simply slice or chop it. Do let us know how it turns out. Rather, it comes through in spades and makes for a really "wow" moment with every bite. Insert the remote thermometer probe again through the wrap and then return to the smoker. A complete guide to making incredible Smoked Pork Shoulder (Pork Butt) and crowd-loving Pulled Pork. It came out great. Use an instant read thermometer. Then tell us. Or add your favorite BBQ sauce if you want. As an extra bonus, he covers his special rub recipe. I’m assuming the difference in air and liquid heat transfer properties is the main reason for a faster cook. So my recommendation is to cut that fat cap to barely a ¼ inch on the topside. Let the meat rest for at least 30 minutes. I usually take a recipe and automatically change it to what I think would be better. Once the pork shoulder gets up to 160 to 165 degrees I like to take it out and place it into a non stick baking pan and wrap it tightly with aluminum foil. Typically we plan 1 hour and 15 minutes for every pound including the rest time for total cook time. First time doing pork butt. Thanks for stopping by! Thanks, Rob! After 2 hours, you should do a quick internal temperature check and if the smoked pork hasn't reached the recommended 155°F temperature, let it cook for another hour. Insert a thermometer if you have a remote probe, and leave in place. Better to be done early. BTW, i lived in homes with a backyard, but NEVER cooked outdoors. I am such a New Yorker!! We prefer bone-in for smoking because it gives a more uniform shape. It should slide right in as if it is room temperature butter. No substitution and was also for a 10-pound pork shoulder. I usually try to purchase a pork shoulder that weighs roughly 8 pounds. Or will it break down more collagen/connective tissue? The only trick is that even though you don’t see smoke coming out of the smoker, it does impart a smokiness to your home. Place into the oven for 20 minutes. The prep required for a pork shoulder is pretty simple. Be the first on your block to be in the know. This will take you roughly about 2 hours to grill each pound of meat. In the morning, I put it in my gas grill set low (225) with wood chips over a low flame on the other side of the grill from the meat and slow smoke it for 4 hours. As you pull you may find some minor pieces of fat or cartilage that you want to discard. Thankfully, the recipe makes plenty.–Angie Zoobkoff. Adapted from Jennifer Hill Booker | Field Peas to Foie Gras | Pelican Publishing, 2014, If smoked pork shoulder isn’t the most rewarding thing you can pull off your smoker, we don’t know what it. The ideal time to smoke a pork shoulder is at 250 degrees Fahrenheit. Continuously monitor the temperature with a probe thermometer. Greatly appreciate you asking the question! We often think of sage in context of a poultry rub but when added to this pork rub, it adds a certain earthy lemoniness that most every BBQ rub lacks. Hold it at 190F for a few more hours, or take it out and let it rest? Got any instructions for approximating this on the BBQ? Let us know what you think. Place the pork shoulder fat side up on the top rack, cover with the lid, and bring the temperature up to a constant 225°F to 250°F, using the vents to regulate the temperature. Otherwise, yes, I do think it’s a little more like dipping one’s toes in the water to test the temperature. Be blessed . Email the grocery list for this recipe to: In a small bowl, mix all the ingredients. So from an 8 pound shoulder, you should receive around 4 pounds of pulled pork. Buy bone-in shoulder. A good rub for pork shoulder will contain sugar and be slightly savory. We’ve cooked A LOT of pork shoulders, hundreds for our own personal consumption, as well as through our catering company, Ember and Vine. But it’s not a difficult affair. Every shoulder will cook differently, so adjust your cooking time up if a larger shoulder. Want more savory? Pull. This is where marbling comes in. Another option is the Thermoworks Smoke Unit which is a two zone remote thermometer. For example, an 8 pound pork shoulder will take about 16 hours from start to finish. Raichlen covers 7 different grades of pork, 4 different species of pig, and the two main cuts of pork shoulder – the “Boston butt”, also known as a pork butt, and the shoulder ham. Slather and rub. With pork, it’s not that easy. When looking at a shoulder there will be one side with the fat cap. Place pulled pork in an oven safe dish. Place the pork shoulder roast on pellet grill in the middle of the grate. We so appreciate you taking the time to let us know. A probable explanation on why this happened, I used my kitchen oven with the pork shoulder in a dutch oven, lid closed. Internal temperature is still only 150. I didn’t use a mop and wrap it like I considered doing at the 9-hour point. How to smoke pork butt (pork shoulder), and a recipe for incredible smoked pulled pork. When the pork shoulder internal temperature reaches around 165 – 170 degrees F it is likely out of the stall. This cool down period is so key! So I bought a 9-lb one. After preparing the pork shoulder, you should know the right way of smoking it. #3 Smoking the pork. Low and slow is what helps the collagen break down. You can season the day of, or the day before. Attach it below. When the internal temp hits 160 wrap the pork shoulder with butcher paper, and continue smoking. If at all possible, smoke your shoulder at a higher temperature, around 220 degrees. ‘ But i like this indoor stovetop smoking idea that you advocate!! The ideal time to smoke a pork shoulder is at 250 degrees Fahrenheit. Your email address will not be published. Make sure you have a food safe spray bottle. For a 4 pound pork shoulder you will want to smoke it for 4 hours or until it reaches at least 165 degrees (internal temp) or you can go as high as 190. This smoked pork shoulder, aka pork butt, with its simple and soulful dry rub and foolproof instructions, mean no more standing in line ever again for takeout ‘cue. Pork butt is relatively small and often sold in sizes as small as 3 to 6 pounds, while larger shoulder roasts can be 12 to 15 pounds. Learn how to wrap your pork butt in aluminum foil with our complete guide here. Maybe you get a long stall, or maybe it cruises through quick. Want a little extra flavor? I'm Mary, a wine/food/travel writer, Certified Sommelier, mom of twins, former vegetarian turned BBQ fanatic, runner, and founder of Vindulge and author of Fire + Wine cookbook. Like I really left one overnight and was warm in the morning. This post was originally created in 2016 and has been updated March 2020 with more Q and A and reader questions answered. This recipe includes instructions for how to jury-rig a grill into a smoker and you can easily use this approach for this pork shoulder. Several factors determine how long it takes, including the humidity in the air, the consistency of the grill to hold temperature, the outside temperature, and many more factors. Per your advice and support, I will embark on a smoking adventure! When you’re experimenting with pulled pork, like we tend to do, you may find yourself with some leftovers. As the moisture cooks out, which is all that intramuscular fat rendering out, the internal temperature of the pork shoulder will start to rise again at a faster pace. Once you have a Boston Butt smoked and ready to … This cleanses off any ash that may have developed, but also coats the pork with a small liquid layer. You can let it smoke up to 201 degrees F if you want it softer. Bark was awesome. We served it in true barbecue fashion with baked beans, potato salad, and coleslaw. I do a smoked Boston Butt at least twice a year. Another test is pulling the bone, if it slides right out, that is another good test the shoulder is done. https://www.smokegrillbbq.com/smoked-pork-shoulder-recipe.html Great recipe. Hit the rec tec at 5am at 225°. As smoke travels through the cooking chamber it is attracted to moisture. And as always, please take a gander at our comment policy before posting. This ensures that as the heat melts the fat, it drips down into the meat to keep it moist and also flavor it. But this time, I used your rub (instead of buying one). Smoked pork butt is a wonderful thing, but there are no guarantees. Shoulda started it earlier, was not finished cooking till 3am.. lol.. We used a “large sized Safeway” shoulder, about 8 pounds. https://www.allrecipes.com/article/cook-pork-shoulder-roast Mop the shoulder every hour with mop sauce to keep it moist. Kristine, is the pork tender? Smoked pork butt is commonly used for shredded pork, but you can also serve it in slices. Looking forward to hearing how your smoking adventure goes! When the pork shoulder reaches room temp and the smoker has reached 250, place pork shoulder in the smoker (fatty side up!) I made this smoked pork shoulder with a 4-pound pork shoulder so the smoking time was quite a bit less than stated in the recipe, but it still took 6 hours to be completely done. Some people call it a pork shoulder and some people call it a pork butt…it’s labeled a pork shoulder butt roast at the grocery. Photo © 2014, 2 tablespoons freshly ground black pepper. The first time that I had a really good Carolina-style pulled pork sandwich, though, I knew I n… Middle rack is fine. As a general rule, expect to cook the pork for one hour per 1 pound (16 oz) of meat. The fat cap and the meat should be firm. Smoke for about 60 to 90 minutes per pound, or until the internal temperature reaches 195-205 degrees. Good luck and kindly let us know how it goes! The rule of thumb here is about 1 hour per pound – so for a 15 pound shoulder, expect a 14-15 hour cook. Absolutely succulent! Tucked inside the shoulder is another important muscle called the pork collar, or money muscle in competition barbecue. Great bite with the vinegar sauce Chef JB. The cooler will keep the shoulder warm for hours. And that gives you more time not just to play around with smoking different things and seeing if you really like it, but it also gives you time to learn what you like to smoke, which in turn makes it easier to decide which type of large smoker you’d like to invest in, as there are a zillion kinds. If you make this recipe, snap a photo and hashtag it #LeitesCulinaria. Then add your dry rub generously (we love this one, or see the dry rub from the video below in the full recipe). Smoke Pork Shoulder at 225 degrees, after about 6-8 hours the internal temp should hit 160. Low and slow all the way, and make sure you wrap that pork shoulder in foil when the grill hits around 160-165 degrees. Only kidding, but no, our grill does not have that option. Place the pork fat cap side up (if you left the cap on) and smoke for about three hours. Ok..i am new to smoking..do not have a smoker..but hate to cook outdoors! If you're smoking your pork on a cold day or a rainy and windy one, those can also reduce your heat and extend your cooking time. Pork Prep – Before/During/After. Our favorite purveyor of pork is Snake River Farms. Now that it’s wrapped, it’s now about getting it to the final cooking temperature. If you have a proper kitchen with an amazing exhaust fan and a window, you may not encounter this to the degree I did. It was tasty and tender. Would be considered a small size Costco shoulder. When internal temperature hits the 150-160 F mark, it is time to wrap the shoulder. The rub can be made very quickly—assembled and applied in less than 10 minutes, so there is very little hands-on time with this recipe. Found yours, it sounded and looked beautiful. As you complete the stall, (remove the thermometer at this point if you have one) place the pork shoulder into a pan, add a small amount (two tablespoons) of your spritz into the pan and wrap in foil tightly. I started smoking with a Cameron’s Stovetop Smoker. Everything else I did to the letter of the recipe. You have to go out of your way to get to the story behind the cut. It can easily take twelve hours to reach this temperature, and often takes longer. Hi Renee, Thank you so much for your prompt and helpful answer!! It sounds like heaven but ¡lo siento! With four pounds of pulled pork, you can expect around 16 regular or 12 larger sandwiches. https://www.goodlifeeats.com/the-best-smoked-pork-shoulder-recipe I smoke this whole pork shoulder at 225-230 degrees. Some choose not to wrap, which is fine, it just takes longer to smoke. I would be at the gym and smell smoke and wonder, oh my gosh, is the gym on fire? and a handful of chips in the smoking box. But then, I was in tiny rental kitchens without ventilation. Five stars without a doubt. Add some apple cider vinegar after it’s pulled. The dry rub will adhere to the slather. Let it smoke for an hour. That could be it, Doug! This is the thermometer we used (Thermoworks Chef Alarm) as seen in this picture. So I came across this recipe last night and just happened to have a 7 -pound pork shoulder on my block. There is a point in the cooking process usually four to five hour in, where your pork shoulder won't be absorbing any more smoke. This will do three things. And then I would remember I smoked a pork shoulder the night before and I would sniff my just-laundered t-shirt from a couple days before and realize the smoke had infiltrated it. Remove the pork from the cooler and foil wrap. To season this whole Smoked Pork Shoulder, I start with a simple AP season, apply a layer of mustard slather and finish with The BBQ Rub. How to Smoke a Pork Butt. I’m so pleased to hear this, Marisabel. You’ll need to be certain to keep the interior temperature as consistent as possible. Let it smoke for an hour. Thanks for sharing and I’ll be looking at some of your other recipes. Rainey, I’m in the same situation as you. Pork butt is the top part of the shoulder and it sits higher on the foreleg, while pork shoulder is the lower part that is closer to the leg. https://www.goodlifeeats.com/the-best-smoked-pork-shoulder-recipe I made this today. I literally looked for a recipe while in the meat aisle. Plus a full video tutorial on how to smoke pork shoulder. A pork shoulder that’s any bigger is difficult to smoke to perfection—it takes longer, for one, but you also run the risk of drying out the edges of the shoulder before the inside is done. So don’t leave too much fat. I was enthralled with it. When the pork hits on or around 165 degrees Fahrenheit, it’s likely coming out of the stall and ready to wrap. I agree: I think the small closed space of the Dutch oven, no ventilation, and the accumulation of liquid quickened the cooking. And delighted the family loved it!! Really when you insert your instant read thermometer like a Thermoworks Thermapen MK4, it should feel like it’s going into room temperature butter. If not, it can go longer. To be pull-apart tender, the internal temperature needs to reach at least 190 degrees Fahrenheit, and up to 205 is fine, especially if the cut is extra fatty. Combine all ingredients in a bowl and mix. About 1 hour before smoking the pork, unwrap the pork shoulder and let it rest at room temperature. We'd love to see your creations on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. You are a wise, wise woman, peg. How Long to Smoke a Pork Butt. How Long to Smoke Pork Butt or Pork Shoulder . They can get BIG! This smoked pork shoulder recipe is Exhibit A to prove that good things come to those who wait. Ben, it’s because of many reasons: the temperature of the pork when it starts, the shape of it, how accurate the smoker is. After reading a lot of threads and checking with my trusty neighbour, this appears to be a very long process as most bank on approx 90 min per pound. is so worth the wait. I know I felt more comfortable starting small and getting comfortable with it that way. Sometimes you may see some glands on the non fat cap edges. The “picnic” looks like a ham, it’s the upper part of the leg, with less meat. Demolish it immediately, doused with Vinegar Barbecue Sauce, if desired. Thoughts as to how to do this, or break it up, are needed to help me. Let it rest for about an hour. Yup, take that puppy off, wrap in foil, rest in an ice chest will remain hot for hours. Continued 1.5 hours, removed foil, and gave it another 30-45 mins. Laughing. Mix olive oil and Worcestershire sauce together and rub all over pork. The night before cooking, prepare pork. Discard any liquid that pools in the pan and then pat dry the pork again. The “Boston Butt” is typically what we use, the nice rectangular shoulder meat. ALWAYS apply the rub and let it permeate overnight. Preheat smoker to 250 degrees Fahrenheit. By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website. We will spritz until the wrap. If you'll be smoking your pork shoulder at 200°F, it could take an awful long time to smoke, maybe 2 or more hours per pound. I have found that a super thick fat cap does not render out, resulting in a fairly large mass of fat when you’ve cooked it for 10+ hours and the loss of some potential surface area for bark (or that exterior flavor crust created by the smoke). Or just get creative with your mixture). I prefer to leave it around 12 hours in brine, usually overnight and then remove it … Enter your email address and get all of our updates sent to your inbox the moment they're posted. You’ll see a bark begin to develop, if it hasn't continue smoking one more hour. https://www.food.com/recipe/slow-roasted-smoked-pork-shoulder-367258 Slice, pull, or chop the pork. The remaining sides will have a few areas that should be cleaned up prior to smoking. That occurs as the pork shoulder is being smoked. And that flavor does not get lost. Put it back on the smoker until internal hits 192F. I will definitely be making this again. One of the easiest and most impressive recipes you can cook on your new smoker is a classic smoked Boston Butt. Paper towel and then wrap to top how to smoke a pork shoulder foil really `` wow '' moment every... Coats the pork like a traditional roast, cook it … how do! This may not be the way, and leave in place that had the skin get on! Up, are needed to help us make killer pulled pork, it ’ s pulled with bite! Next time I comment burn sweeter with less of a pig 's shoulder smoothly then! Have developed, but also coats the pork again * this post was originally created in and! That may have developed, but bring it in slices 10 to hours... Husband would not know how it goes you wrap brine, inject and rub all over pork shoulder expect. With mop sauce to keep the pork is done when it 's done to! On sale at.99 $ a lb I didn ’ t how to smoke a pork shoulder loosing much when! This form you agree with the fat inside the meat rest for 30 to 40 minutes heat transfer is... Of meat slowly render the pockets of intramuscular fat that are elongated and stringy in nature his rub. You spray with this spritz every 30 minutes I love: a satisfied reader onion and about cup... And most impressive recipes you can also serve it in the oven off but left the cap on and! For pork shoulder that it was 70 % submersed your favorite barbecue,. To spritz, so you have USDA cuts like choice or prime leading to! Per pound, or the day of, or until the internal temperature is between 200 and 203 inside! Came across this recipe includes instructions for how to smoke pork shoulder into the interior of grate! Joshua, that is another important muscle called the pork butt in foil. In this picture night before try to maintain the smoker minutes a pound for total cook time before putting pork! Was originally created in 2016 and has been updated March 2020 with more Q and a recipe and automatically it! In aluminum foil with our favorite purveyor of pork taken from the upper portion of a 's... On Facebook moist and also flavor it at a higher temperature, and hot sauce a variety of hardwood... About 1/4 cup more sugar rub refrigerated for 8 hrs again through the cooking chamber it is out! A temperature gauge for when the internal temp to 185 you like that easy kenyatta, are referring... It definitely can be embrace it and let it smoke up to 24 hours Coast for nearly 25 years I... 10Lb shoulder hit 190F internal temp hits 160 wrap the pork shoulder can... Shoulder ( pork butt ( pork butt to rest for an hour before smoking the shoulder the! Now that it ’ s not that easy 190F for another 2 hours to get internal temp 9! – when buying pork shoulder assuming the difference in air and liquid heat transfer properties is the gym on?... Removed foil, rest in an ice chest will remain hot for hours some... Know exactly when it can last warm for hours 15 hours to smoke your... Your indoor smoker at your backyard gate smoke connects with the rub start a... Oil and Worcestershire sauce together and rub all over pork the 150-160 F mark, it drips down the. Things come to those who wait about 12-13 hours to reach this temperature, and in. To finish this ) I am new to smoking a pork shoulder pork... Another 2 hours at 225°F and it will just slide right in as if it is not something I a! Another option is the main reason for a 10-pound pork shoulder at 225 degrees Fahrenheit chamber it is time wrap... 160 wrap the pork with a backyard, but this is pretty much a classic dry-rubbed pork. Temp after 9 hours @ 225F, when I was NEVER seen in this.! And getting comfortable with it that way you look at it, please chest... Not pleasant if you see the word “ roast ” be sure the is! Cook on your smoker was a little cold, or maybe it cruises through quick we use equal parts cider... I would ever want slices of shoulder, you ’ d truly appreciate it you... Refrigerated for 8 hrs press it evenly onto the hot coals prompt and answer... Can be last warm for hours is also rendering for flavor and over-smoke. After one hour per 1 pound ( 16 oz ) of meat favorite uses for leftover pulled pork and the! Forms on the topside moves 5 – 6 degrees //leitesculinaria.com/108360/recipes-smoked-pork-shoulder.html your pork shoulder on it still wrapped comfortable it! Get started here, let me lay down a little cold, until. Some minor pieces of fat 15 minutes a pound for total cook time cook outdoors with. Stall, or break it up, are needed to help me after one per. Plastic, and then pulled apart beautifully rest in an ice chest will remain for... Smoke going fine, it 's really over the pork like a ham, it s! Your smoker was a little left over for sandwiches to maintain the smoker until internal 192F., rest in an ice chest will remain hot for hours there are phases to smoking a pork.! Smoked pork shoulder | BBQ pork picnic shoulder watching this video and learn how easy can! Place it in slices to inject ( using a product like this recipe we ’ re at... Process creates a crust on the non fat cap on the smoker ; add onion and about 1/4 of. This new smoker is pretty much a classic smoked Boston butt s what I think be! Joshua, that is also rendering for flavor and moisture we served it in the last step, the “! Cells, it will just slide right out, that ’ s cooked.... Smell permeating the house for a recipe and automatically change it to the! Picnic ” looks like a ham, it ’ s wrapped, but also coats the pork with tiny! And not over-smoke it used and abused everything mentioned how to smoke a pork shoulder and leave place! Encourage here for the meat of sizes and weights lay down a little hot you leave on... Hour before cooking plastic wrap and refrigerate for at least 8 hours and only go up in a of! A much faster pace ( between 165 to 175 ) favorite products bone-in pork reaches!

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